Woodkit Solid


About Woodkit Solid

Woodkit is a type system inspired by wood type and letterpress consisting of three families – Solid, Print and Reprint, each with six distinct styles covering various alphabet designs, components and miscellaneous ornaments. Woodkit supports Latin, Cyrillic and Greek scripts.

From both aesthetic and functional reasons, the most important feature of Woodkit is that every single glyph fills a square, not just horizontally, but also vertically. This is a reference and an homage to the physicality of the real life wooden blocks. It didn’t only induce some new and unexpected constructional solutions, it also gave the final font broad versatility, mutual interchangeability, many visual treats unavailable in proportional typefaces and most importantly – playfulness. Some of the fonts and shapes are outright inspired by wooden blocks and alphabets for kids. Therefore with Woodkit, typing also means building.

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Released: October 20, 2014

Styles 6

  • Letterpress
  • Alphabet A
  • Alphabet B
  • Blocks
  • Figures
  • Ornaments


Display, Letterpress, Wood Type


  • Ornaments and Figures
  • Rotating Glyphs
  • Part of a Superfamily

Language support

Basic Latin

1151 glyphs per font

Default figure style

Tabular Lining