About Klimax

Klimax is a display typeface (meant for use in extremely large sizes) with four styles and OpenType features. Klimax includes two basic styles, Plus and Minus — the heaviest and the lightest possible styles that can be made. They are optical opposites, but both share similar metrics and kerning information, so they can be easily interchanged in a body of text without significant changing its length.

The counters and white spaces of Klimax Plus show the inner construction within its black shapes and their thickness is exactly the same as the monolinear strokes of Klimax Minus. Klimax includes cursive italics for both weights. The ends of italic strokes are curved, with protruding terminals, which gives it a softer and more decorative feel with calligraphic characteristics.

Klimax received the Type Directors Club’s Certificate of Excellence in Type Design in 2009. Klimax also received the Judgeʼs Choice award.

Released: February 20, 2009

Styles 4

  • Plus
  • Plus Italic
  • Minus
  • Minus Italic


Display, Sans, Ultra Black, Ultra Light


  • Small Capitals
  • 290+ Ligatures

Language support

Basic Latin

1171 glyphs per font

Default figure style

Proportional Lining