Ico Phone


About Ico Phone

Ico Phone is a set of 115 symbols depicting anything that happens on the screen of a regular mobile phone. To name a few, there are Bluetooth and sync icons, signal bars, battery statuses, media playback icons, USB symbol, lock icon as well as a wifi signal strength indicator.

The style of Ico is inspired by the look of symbols used on the classic monochrome LCD displays. The symbols are monolinear with rounded corners, composed of a smallest possible number of elements. In addition, the rounded style is accompanied by a second style with sharp corners and more detailed drawing. All symbols of Ico share the same width, making the font compatible with the LCD typeface ION. Together, they are the perfect solution for LCD style typography.

Released: October 8, 2010

Styles 2

  • Rounded
  • Sharp


Dingbat, Icons, Picture, Symbol


  • Bluetooth & USB symbols

Language support


115 glyphs per font

Default figure style

Proportional Lining